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Don't be sloppy. Every stoner needs a tray to make sure they dont lose their precious green flower! These rolling trays are quality built, with backlit display and dust resistant travel bag when you wanna hit the road. Featured brands include Backwoods, Cookies, and Runtz supplied by Detroit Cannabis Cup.


#Each Backlit Rolling Tray delivery includes 3 HashCash points redeemable for FREE gifts including up to  3.5 grams of premium cannabis. To redeem, present your mobile device to delivery driver, along with id to verify age. Driver will will enter unlock code. Once gift is unlocked through the HashCab app, driver will present you with free cannabis gift of choice.

Backlit Rolling Trays delivery

$99.99 Regular Price
$74.99Sale Price
  • Delivery Includes:

    -Backwoods/Cookies/Runtz backlit rolling tray

    -dust resistant travel bag

    -charging cable

    *Redeem: FREE 3.5g cannabis gift of choice

  • HashCab will offer refunds when it is determined that HashCab made an uncorrectable error. Orders placed through the HashCab app for third party entities are responsisble for all products provided. HashCab assumes responsibility of the services and delivery. 

    In the event it is determined HashCab has erred on an order, we will immediately attempt to correct the issue, while keeping the member abreast of the situation. If it is determined that HashCab is in fact in error, and is unable to correct the issue, a refund will be offered.

    In the event that a HashCab order is placed, and the member is unable to receive the order, becuase of unavailability, no proof identity, etc, the ordering member will be alerted, the corresponding order will be cancelled, and the member will be refunded within 1-3 business days minus the delivery fee.

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