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The leaves of an aloe vera plant are packed with a soft clear gel that’s been praised for its hydrating effect and other medicinal benefits. In fact, past research notes that aloe vera has been used for centuries by people in Greece, Egypt, India, Mexico, Japan, and China for its purported wellness perks. Benefits include, lowering blood pressurfe, stablinzing  blood sugar, anti-aging, minor burns, and more!

Large Potted Aloe Vera Plant from PE Greenhouse

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  • Our drivers deliver this product upon order. When placing an order, an estimate of time of arrival will be given based on your location provided. Many factors may determine the speed of selivery. HashCab will use available means to ensure deliveries are completed within time stated, and, while keeping members in touch with drivers and updated to status of delivery. 


    Standard delivery time for this product is 30-50 minutes

    To redeem your free gift of cannabis from driver, member must be 21+ and present valid id. Driver's have the sole discretion to award members free gift of cannabis based on points earned from order. Drivers also have the discretion to deliver or not deliver based on their perception of safety. 


  • Large Aloe Vera from PE Greenhouse. Over 2 dozen mature aloe stalk per pot.

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